HA2.0 offers boutique consultancy services for the Housing Association sector. Its just me, Jayne Hilditch.

I’ve worked in the sector for 20 odd years, most recently as Corporate Services Director at Thames Valley Housing (TVH). As well as the usual day-to-day responsibilities for running a Housing Associations’ back office functions, I’ve been leading the organisation’s digital transformation work.

This approach has seen the creation of MyTVH – the hugely successful online customer services platform. It delivered a 50% shift from telephone payments to online self service in just six months. We continuously develop the platform to increase its functionality, and improve satisfaction. The road map for 2015 includes

  • scheduled and recurring payment ‘nudges’ to aid rent collection
  • a customer communications/messaging feature
  • better repairs reporting & appointment booking functionality

In December 2015, I left my full time role at Thames Valley HA after four fab years. It had been great fun, but I was about to embark on a big new adventure – running PureAlps – my ski chalet business in the French Alps.  I now split my time between France and the UK – so a regular full time job doesn’t really fit.

I’ll still be doing some work for TVH, but am looking to take on a small number of digital strategy projects each year.  These are the sorts of things I can help with.

My philosophy about digital  (and life in general)

Have a strategy, approach, a plan.  But spend more time delivering it than talking about it.

Collaborating and sharing trumps working alone.

Openness is good.  And although it might be uncomfortable at first, we’d better start getting used to it, because very little is private these days.

Sharing our mistakes is just as important as sharing best practice.  Probably more so.

If I’m not sure I can add value you to your project, I’ll tell you (I only want to take on projects where I can really help).  If I think I know someone better suited to it, I’ll point you in their direction.

The goodly folks at GDS (the Government Digital Service) have done a great job of working in the open – publishing their service manual explaining how they’re working, whats working well, and what’s not.  I freely admit to raiding its pearls of wisdom on a regular basis.  It helps build better public services in the Housing Association sector too, and that’s kind of the point right?

And credit where its due

I’ve long been using the expression “HA2.0” to talk about Housing Association innovation, but only a few geeks ever really got the reference.  Biggup to @DanSlee  & co who put together Comm2point0.co.uk for demonstrating (a) how to write XXXXX2.0 it out so it works for a URL and (b) being such great sharers of thoughts and ideas.  You’re an inspiration!

Jayne Hilditch, August 2015.