Customer communications in the digital age?

I’m wondering what the blueprint for modern customer comms for HA2.0 is like.

In my minds eye, I’m thinking its all about blogging.  That good old fashioned (in digital terms at least) thing of blogging.  Telling our story: what we’re working on, what we’re planning, what we’re not sure about, what we’d like some help with. And just as importantly, engaging with the comments, listening, clarifying, responding, agreeing to disagree.  In short, its time for the online community.

Fred Wilson’s blog is my leading light on how to build a great blogging community (he’s a VC based in New York, with a particular interest in technology businesses).  Fred shares openly and widely.  On what works and what doesn’t.  And the quality of comments is extraordinary.  Reading that blog is like a mini-MBA.

What stories would we tell on a corking HA2.0 blog?

Day to day stuff that matters to customers: like how we manage fire risks in common areas, or priorities for estate services…

De-mystifying some of the stuff we do: how we actually go about tackling anti-social behaviour, how choice-based-lettings work…

Translating big policy stuff into “what that means for customers” on tenancy policy, the affordable housing programme…

Frankly, pretty much anything relevant to what we do.  We shouldn’t take things “off limits” because they’re not popular.  It should be real and authentic.

I’ve no great view on whether its a blog on WordPress (my personal fave) or any other platform.  And I’ve no great view on format – do what works: pictures, audio, video… choose the right tool for the job.

But in 2014, platforms that enable conversation trump print media broadcasts in my book.

Are there any good ones out there folks could point to?  I don’t mean the heavily sanitised “Chief Exec’s blog” stuff that’s really just a corporate press release dressed up as a blog.  I’m thinking of real, warts ‘n all, HA2.0 telling it, and its customers’ story blogging.  Instead of all the hand-wringing angst about #benefitstreet  – we could start really telling our story.

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