A quick post on innovation

How could we best “do” innovation in the digital era?  I’ve got a few thoughts knocking around, but no magic formula.

Deliberately creating space to think about the future.  Head space, time away from the day job and the to-do list.  Physical space, to be creative and collaborative.

Involving the “UNusual suspects”.  The people who do the front line jobs.  And the customers themselves.  Its not that any of them will individually have a magic bullet of perfect answers of how to do more with less, or whatever problem we’re trying to solve.  Its that between us, we all have a piece of the jigsaw puzzle but we probably can’t see the solutions on our own.  Also, I have a hunch that innovation is a bit like change.  It sucks if its being done to you, and a shed load more fun its you’re actually involved in it.

Expert facilitation help.  Someone who’s not got their own agenda to push, but someone who’s tasked with getting ideas out in the open.  Someone asking really good questions.  That’s a tough job to do well.

And researching a bit about what works in doing “innovation”.  There’s loads out there.  I really enjoy reading stuff from the 100% Open  folks.  They blog and share their thinking, living up to their name.  Here’s a great post about innovation and ego.

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