Digital transformation is way more than having a CEO on twitter.  Its about having a clear vision for how services could be delivered in the connected digital age: digital by design, from the ground up.  It’s absolutely not just “digitising what we do now”.  A clunky phone or face-to-face process will simply become a clunky online process if its not re-designed with user needs at the heart of the process.  And the offline experience needs to be re-thought out to match too.

If you’re interested in the potential for digital transformation for your organisation, but are unsure where to start with ‘eating the elephant’, I can probably help you.

Digital transformation strategy advice:

A good digital transformation strategy sets out the vision for how services could be delivered digitally, together with a roadmap for getting there.   A traditional IT strategy that sets out the relative merits of different housing management systems won’t deliver the lasting systemic change that’s needed.

I can help with a ‘stock take’ of where organisations are, help identify where they aim to be, and options for getting there.  If internal resources are limited, I can produce the full strategy document for you.  Alternatively, I can help teams write their own, or carry out a ‘critical friend review’ of what you’ve already got.  And of course, I can come along and present to governing boards and committees in straight forward non-technical English.

Digital transformation workshops for boards & senior teams:

This is all about helping organisations understand the art of the possible, and the need to re-imagine digital services from the ground up, rather than simply ‘digitising what we do already’.  It prepares the ground for lasting, effective change.

Practical ‘how to commission great web stuff’ help:

This can be particularly useful for organisations who’ve realised there’s more to commissioning great online digital services than simply asking the communications team to build a new website.  If your resources (both people and ££) won’t stretch to all-singing-all-dancing online services, do less, but do it well and get good take-up.

And if you are thinking about simply building a new website, with room to add online services later, there are straightforward ways to do it.  It needn’t take nine months and a six-figure sum to build a new corporate website.

Digital skills:

Delivering digital transformation needs new skills and approaches not traditionally found in Housing Associations.  That ranges from digital leadership as a core part of a board skills matrix (its just as important as finance or customer services these days), or getting user research and service design skills into staff teams.  I can help you work out what’s needed, and where and how to recruit and develop that talent.

Social Media strategy & policy projects:

Lots of organisations have gotten off the ground with social media, and are ‘doing it’.  However, there seems to be more ‘tactics than strategy’ at play when you start to evaluate the effectiveness of time spent on it.  I can help with identifying objectives, articulating the strategy and working out what to measure to see if its working.  As well as a few radical ideas, like not getting too carried away with your organisation’s Facebook page, and suggesting that actually, you might want your customers to run their own community pages, that you interact with instead!


Its not an exhaustive list, but gives you a sense of where I can add value.  If your project isn’t really to my strengths, I’ll tell you, and if I can, I’ll help you find someone better suited.