Speaking Engagements

I’m an experienced conference speaker and panel contributor, and available to speak at Housing Association sector conferences.

If you’re charging people to attend, then I usually charge a speaking fee.  If its a ‘free to attend event’, then I don’t, other than travelling expenses.  During the winter season, I’ll usually be in France, so travel expenses to London will likely be £180 or so.  I’ll always book the cheapest flights, well in advance, to give you good value.  Outside of this time, its more likely that I’ll be in the UK, so should be less.  Please do drop me a line on email or twitter if you’re interested.

This is my speaker bio:

Jayne was the Corporate Services Director at Thames Valley Housing until the end of 2015. As well as the usual day-to-day responsibilities for running an HAs back office functions, she led the organisation’s digital transformation strategy. This approach has seen the creation of MyTVH – their hugely successful online customer services delivering a 50% movement away from telephone payments to online self service in just six months. The platform is continuously developing, with improved customer communications and repairs functionality on the development road map. She continues to support TVHA through her small consultancy practice, HA2point0, which helps HAs create and deliver digital transformation.

And this is my mug shot for use in promotional material:

Office jh mug shot